The SPS decentralized shared exchange will be officially launched in mid-to-early March and open SPSH/USDT trading exchanges

Feb 25, 2021

Recently, the platform currency seems to usher in a collective rise. At the same time, we have also found that the competitive landscape between cryptocurrency exchanges is quietly changing.
At the beginning of the Year of the Ox, Bitcoin soared to historical highs under the stimulus of Elon Musk's "vigorous call for orders" and the strong admission of institutional investors.

There is no doubt that Tesla’s purchase of Bitcoin has played a good role in publicity around the world, giving more people the opportunity to understand and contact cryptocurrencies, and at the same time it has played a “demonstration effect” and attracted more funds field. When the traditional stock market enters an upswing period, the safest investment method for investors is to buy stocks of securities companies, because this investment method is similar to investing in basic stocks; and in the cryptocurrency market, with the advent of the bull market, investment in platform currencies and traditional market investment brokers There are many similarities in stocks. The so-called "Spring River Plumbing Duck Prophet". The collective rise of platform currencies during the recent period may indicate that investors are still very optimistic about the development of the cryptocurrency market outlook, especially after institutional investors slowly increase their positions. , The market confidence seems to be firmer.

Why platform coins are popular
The so-called platform currency is simply the virtual currency issued by the blockchain trading platform.
The reporter learned that the exchange's platform currency has almost just-needed application scenarios.

First of all, in exchanges, there are trading pairs of platform coins, for example, there are trading pairs of HT in Huobi, so naturally some people will buy and hold HT for long-term or short-term motivation.
Secondly, some exchanges have a dividend mechanism for the platform currency. For example, in OKEx, holding OKB can get OKEx fee income as a dividend on Friday. Naturally, some people are willing to hold OKB.

Platform currency also has the following advantages:
The more users the exchange has, the more transaction fees can become a stable and risk-free source of income.

Therefore, one of the advantages of investing in platform currency is that the profit model of the exchange is clearly visible, and any asset traded on the exchange will be charged a handling fee of about 0.2% (the buyer pays 0.1% and the seller pays 0.1%).
Holding platform currency is equivalent to holding platform shares, and will also give you a discount on transaction procedures.
Therefore, the influence and degree of innovation of the platform directly affect the market of the platform currency.

Among all the platform coins in this round, Binance's BNB is the craziest one.
On the one hand, the BNB public chain ecology is gradually growing and improving. This is an application scenario for BNB. On the other hand, Binance’s idea also makes investors have a strong preference for Binance and BNB, so BNB is promoted. The rise.
SPS decentralized exchange
In 2018, initiated by Ovedo Igratiyev of Russia, the Kuhn Foundation led the investment and brought together global investment banking elites. The financial industry leaders will jointly create the world's only crowdfunding method with IT technology giants and blockchain giants. The centralized exchange SPS decentralized exchange is built on the self-developed SPS public chain that integrates immediacy, flexibility, and security. It can freely match at least 150 transactions per second, with lower handling fees, and Distributed storage technology is used to ensure that data is never leaked, to maximize the security of user assets, and to enhance user experience. At the same time, SPS has created a great business model of everyone's participation, everyone's shareholders, and everyone's dividends. Users can receive rewards for storing assets, and users can receive monthly dividends for trading or inviting others to trade. Users vote to determine the currency on the exchange, and resolutely eliminate Air coin and Leek coin are listed, and there is no currency fee for listing, just to find good projects, to realize and practice the core value concept of the blockchain, and to redistribute wealth.

SPS Decentralized Shared Exchange Platform Equity Token SPSH
The SPS decentralized shared exchange is based on the SPSH public chain issuance platform general token SPSH, with a constant amount of 320 million, 50% of which is 160 million for mining to attract more users for the exchange (zero pre-mining), and another 160 million It is divided into three years of market circulation (foundation 18%, technical team 15%, operation team 15%, the above 48% is 153.6 million locked up for 3 years and will be released for half a year after going online. 3% monthly release linearly, early community subscription benefits 2% (That is, 6.4 million pieces will be released at 0.3-1% every day, and the early benefit will be released after the second phase of the rush.

It is not difficult to see that SPSH is extremely scarce from the issuance mechanism and token distribution ratio. Not only that, the exchange will also empower more ecological applications of SPSH. For example: 1. As a transaction fee for transactions on the platform, there will usually be a certain discount or preferential treatment. 2. As an intermediary, conduct currency transactions with other Tokens. 3. Used to participate in platform activities, such as receiving airdrop tokens, voting before launching new tokens, priority subscription to newly launched tokens, etc. 4. On-chain fuel fees for future decentralized trading platforms (can be understood as fees paid to miners). 5. Use as a payment tool: Some merchants and service providers accept certain platform currency as a payment tool, etc.

It is understood that SPSH will start the first round of the second phase of the platform equity token SPSH at 10:00 am on February 26, 2021, Russia time (that is, at 15:00 pm on February 26, Beijing time). There are only 2.4 million SPSHs, which are snapped up in 10 rounds. Each round is only 240,000. Each account can only snap up to 600 pieces while stocks last.

Panic buying rules: First round: February 26th, Beijing time at 15:00, price 0.72USDT, second round: Beijing time, February 26th, 21:00 pm Price: 0.74USDT, third round: February 27th, Beijing time 15:00 pm
Price: 0.76USDT, the fourth round: 21:00 pm on February 27th, Beijing time
Price: 0.78USDT, fifth round: 15:00 on February 28th, Beijing time
Price: 0.8USDT, sixth round: 21:00 pm on February 28th, Beijing time
Price: 0.82USDT, seventh round: 15:00 on March 1, Beijing time
Price: 0.84USDT, eighth round: 21:00 pm on March 1, Beijing time
Price: 0.86USDT, ninth round: 15:00 on March 2, Beijing time
Price: 0.88USDT, tenth round: 21:00 pm on March 2, Beijing time
Price: 0.9USDT. The SPS decentralized exchange will be officially launched in mid-to-early March, and the SPSH/USDT trading exchange will be opened. The online price is expected to be above 1USDT.


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