Big Pattern Achievement Big Business Blue Ding International Spending Billion to Build Digital Nasdaq

Feb 25, 2021

In 2020, the field of encrypted finance is surging, as if a frenzy in the global financial sector, helping the block chain industry to enter the fast lane of innovation. The surging capital game, the strange trend of the tuyere, the new direction, the new technology, the new concept, one after another, outline the outline of a great upheaval era.
2020-2021 is the best time in the block chain industry. Blue Ding International emerged, a block chain 4.0 capital change, quietly to.


2020, new starting point for blockchain games
Blue Ding International has made great achievements

In 2020, Blue Ding International, through the game public chain application, fragmentation game, open block chain world traffic entrance.
Japanese game frequency, up to tens of millions of levels, thousands of + communities to build flow moat, millions of + users, write a new chapter in the blue tripod.
Bit games -- entertainment of data in the construction chain
Landing International takes the public chain of bit guessing games as the starting point to create a global entertainment game alliance community and consolidate the application foundation of BLUETOP game public chain. Landing International CGLDM from the beginning of the birth of the proud market to usher in a large number of fans, shining. The birth of the international bit game is a dawn of the block chain industry, which opens the maximum traffic entrance of the block chain game market and realizes the entertainment of the data on the chain.
In 2020, only for the beginning of the blue tripod. In 2021, the blue tripod took off.

In 2021, Blue Ding International set sail again
Billions of dollars to build a digital currency Nasdaq

Founded by Landing International and the Chinese Foundation of the United States, the Landing Nazca decentralized digital asset trading platform is open source by the NASDAQ stock market company block chain digital transformation technology team. Through the BULETOP-CHAIN independent public chain created by the user-owned issuing platform card, universal card-based decentralized digital asset trading platform.
Four core unique advantages leading the global capital feast
- Made in partnership with the Chinese American Foundation
-Standard Peak, NASDAQ Technology Team Open Source
- Unique, platform currency growth rate consensus mechanism issue model
- Most eco-friendly DEFI2.0/AI transactions/ IDO/DAPP incubation
NASDAQ Exchange - Building Data Capitalization
The decentralized exchange, created by the blockchain digital technology team of the NASDAQ stock market company, uses intelligent contracts on the chain to achieve dealmaking, opens the whole system of financial functions such as "spot, contract, leverage, legal currency, IDO、DEFI mining, mine, information business, capital service, cloud service ", and realizes the interconnection between encrypted finance and traditional finance through LDC the traditional financial secondary markets such as the United States shares, and creates a new world of blockchain capitalization.
Spend billions of dollars to build, you can see the blue Ding International and Chinese Foundation territory and ambition!

The Chinese Foundation monitoring process is expected to start in May


According to the Chinese Foundation [Landing International-NASDAQ Exchange chain deployment] director resolution public notice (Group document 214) shows:
The data deployment on the Landing International-NASDAQ exchange chain is expected to be completed in 30 working days. After the deployment is completed, the Landing block chain users can issue LDC certificates through CGLDM mapping to become the original shareholders of the NASDAQ exchange.
Nasdaq decentralization is expected to be completed in 60 working days, officially facing the block chain digital asset trading market.
By the Chinese Foundation Chinese Foundation the implementation of the Nasdaq Stock Exchange development progress supervision.
This is a global blue Ding member of the big good, the global blue Ding community is looking forward to the creation of the NASDAQ decentralized exchange.
Blue Ding International-NASDAQ, closely linked, big pattern achievement big cause, create the strongest wealth effect.
2021 Blue Ding + NASDAQ, winning 2022 BLUETOP ecological convergence chain fully capitalized grand vision.


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